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About ISCM Trust

ISCM Trust is a division of the ISCM Foundation, headquartered in Belgium. As such, ISCM Trust is tasked with executing certain aspects of the Foundation’s overall mission of making charity unnecessary in Africa.

ISCM Trust is the vehicle by which funds are gathered for projects that have been identified and negotiated by the ISCM Foundation. These projects fall under initiatives, designed through the use of the Foundation’s Think Tank for complexity management and strategic planning.

Some of our Initiatives

Make your donations count

Building Schools

Delivering quality education is our primary mission. We focus on the education of entrepreneurs, but also support educational initiatives at all levels, from the early years to ongoing adult education.

Digital Services

To reach rural areas, and to scale services, they must be electronic by nature. This implies doing a much better job providing connectivity and the infrastructure to bring every African into the Internet era.

Waste To Energy

The ISCM Trust has several waste to energy initiatives, that serve both the purposes of delivering energy and reducing environmental impact. The technology is well established, and now it is our task to disseminate it through sustainable projects.


Few industries create employment on the scale that tourism does. Combined with ecological and environmental stewardship, this is a critical industry for positive and sustainable change.

Health Services

It remains critical to driving a preventative medical approach to societal welfare. A clear need for patients to reach out to doctors and nurses with the view to keep people healthy needs implementation.

Clean Water

At a time when pollution, environmental degradation, and the climate crisis are clear imperatives, access to clean drinking water is priority number one from a public health perspective. We also believe education and societal progress cannot be achieved if the basic components of life are lacking.

Food Security

This aspect of our activities, along with clean drinking water, promotes good public health, and in turn, supports our educational mission. Ensuring people are self-sufficient, and maintain healthy diets forms part of the larger strategies to bring about positive societal change.

Ocean Cleaning

Help us clean the beaches of Africa and our My Days For Future initiative. Planet Earth and its oceans are awash with plastic debris, and if we do not all lend a hand the catastrophe will simply grow larger. We are the proud host of this initiative – please read more by clicking on the turtle.

Africa in Numbers

The scale of Africa can be hard to grasp.



Africa is huge – 30 million square km. Algeria is the largest country on the continent at 2,381,741 square km (4 times the size of Texas)


Population in Million

The median age of Africans is 19.7 – the youngest population of any continent.



Africa has the world’s oldest and largest written languages, including the Ge’ez script of Ethiopia, the most ancient African script still in use.

Change Undesired Situations

Donating to ISCM Trust can help us to achieve more in our quest to transform Africa and make charity unnecessary.

Our Partners

ISCM Trust believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts to bring about change. We have a rich history of partnering with multinational corporations and national companies who share our commitment to Africa. We work closely with our partners to identify, design and implement sustainable and strategic initiatives.

Join Us

You or your organization can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering or partnering with the ISCM Trust.